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With the closing of schools, and more recently pubs, the seriousness of the CoVid19 situation has become much more apparent.  Our newsfeeds and social media are filled with little else currently.  We are expecting a lot of phone enquiries but there are several areas that need addressing before then.  We are hoping to avoid a situation where un-well patients cannot access care due to volume of less clinically urgent queries.

Testing: CoVid19 testing has been made available by the HSE.  Your GP can order the test and the results will return to your GP.  The test itself will be performed in a testing hub or at home by the National Ambulance Service.  The appointment for testing may take several days and the results, at least 3 working days to return.

Appointments. If you are unwell with worsening cough, fever and shortness of breath please phone the surgery 01-4942286 and we will arrange a phone or video consultation to discuss your best management.

Appointments. If you are well but have the above symptoms, we would appreciate if you could contact the surgery by email (office@ballybodenmedical.ie). 

Appointments. Our front door will be locked but our staff will be available to help with enquires by email and phone.  Please follow the guidelines above in requesting appointment, either by email or by phone.  Only patients who have been allocated appointments by the team will be admitted to the surgery.

Appointments. The measures above are designed to keep the health service functioning for your care.  If you require an appointment for any other reason please phone the surgery to discuss the best management.  Do not delay a review of concerning symptoms due to fear of Coronavirus. 

Anti-inflammatories. Contrary to circulating messages there is currently no reliable evidence that anti-inflammatories cause harm if infected with CoVid19.  This area is being actively studied at present.  For now, if you have fever not controlled by paracetamol alone please use anti-inflammatories as needed.

Blood Pressure Medication. Similarly, there is no evidence that 2 common types of blood pressure medication cause worsening of CoVid19 infection.  Again this is an area of active study but the best advise is to continue your current medication with no changes.

Travel. Our advice to anyone whose travel has been affected will be to phone Department of Foreign Affairs or consult the www.dfa.ie website for guidance.  Please check with your insurer if a doctor’s letter is necessary in making a claim.  The likelihood is not.

Social Welfare Certificates. If you need a social welfare certificate – if can be applied for in the usual manner.

Remember and respect the rules regarding social distancing, hand hygiene and face touching to minimise the spread of the virus.